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Image of Checkerboard Mens Bracelet

Checkerboard Mens Bracelet

"Our designers have created the perfect blend of jewelry and masculinity with this piece! The middle row is a wonderful series of solid, gold or platinum links. The top & bottom rows are crafted in wonderful metal, but each houses 4 incredible diamonds!...

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Image of Chevron Braid Bracelet

Chevron Braid Bracelet

"A unique design, this is one of those pieces you’ll be proud to wear, or to give. Available in two sizes, either 6 mm or 7mm in length, this is a truly lovely piece. It’s extremely versatile and just might be the perfect everyday piece. A great choice!"

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Image of Diamond Checkerboard Mens Bracelet

Diamond Checkerboard Mens Bracelet

"Over 4.5 carats of diamonds adorn this impeccable men’s bracelet. This is that piece that truly says you’re arrived. The fabulous top & bottom rectangular ‘bricks’ each hold 4 lovely prong-set diamonds. The middle row of ‘bricks’ are crafted...

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Image of Diamond Plus Link Bracelet

Diamond Plus Link Bracelet

"Here’s a bracelet that’s going to truly ‘add’ to your jewelry wardrobe! It’s a two-tone masterpiece, and is available in 2 different sizes, either one carat or two carats total diamond weight. The lovely ‘plus’ shaped settings each house...

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Image of Double Buckle Link Bracelet

Double Buckle Link Bracelet

"Available in 3 different sizes, you’ll definitely find the perfect choice! Either 6mm, 7mm, or 8mm wide are your options. But the ability to customize this piece doesn’t stop there! You can then choose whether our master craftsmen will make this...

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Image of Flat Braid Bracelet

Flat Braid Bracelet

"White Gold, Yellow Gold, or lovely Platinum – you get to put your own spin on this classic bracelet! Our designers make sure that style & substance is built in! This lovely piece is available in your choice of two different sizes – either 6.3mm or...

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Image of Mens Diamond Link Bracelet

Mens Diamond Link Bracelet

"You remember your grandfather’s watch band, how it looked perfect on his wrist. Well this incredible piece follows those same design principles, but it’s definitely not your grandpa’s bracelet. We’ve taken the design & turned up the volume! This...

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Image of Mens Watch Strap Bracelet

Mens Watch Strap Bracelet

"The perfect everyday accessory, this bracelet will looks fantastic on any man’s wrist! Incredible column links, crafted in your choice of gold or platinum, are linked together perfectly with contrasting metal rows running the length of the piece. A...

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Image of Two Tone Diamond Figure Eight Bracelet

Two Tone Diamond Figure Eight Bracelet

"A unique and interesting design - This bracelet is truly a great addition to any jewelry wardrobe. It is available in 2 different sizes, featuring either .70 carat or .85 carat total diamond weight, and crafted in your choice of gold or platinum –...

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